Brite Services Team Upskilling

Brite Services team upskilling to offer wider service to clients

Over the last few weeks, the Brite Services team have been extending their range of skills, so that they are able to service their customers more successfully.

Upskilling has included Ben getting more involved in the recruitment process, Marianne learning more about payroll, Sian updating the job vacancies on the website, Lisa getting involved in Social Media and Shannah taking on more roles with candidates.

We are delighted to see that the positive effects are already making us more efficient.

Ben Sellick-Tague from Brite Services said “The last thing that people want to hear is that something can’t be done because someone is off or away from the office. So we want to make sure that we have a variety of people available for different roles, to make sure we can service our clients at all times.”

The idea of upskilling is something we communicate to our candidates, showing them that the extension of their skills will open up new doors and opportunities, while also making them more useful and indispensable to their future employers.