Brite Services help BCT staff find new job opportunities

When the team heard about the problems at British Ceramic Tile (BCT), we realised we had an opportunity to help some of the staff who had been laid off.

British Ceramic Tile went into administration at the end of January, resulting in redundancies for over 300 staff members.

Ben Sellick-Tague from Brite Services said “When we heard the news, we were surprised and saddened. However, unlike most people, there was something we could do to help.”

Brite Services contacted the BCT HR department, posted on their social media channels and also attended a special jobs fair.  The result has been very positive for BCT team members, with many finding new jobs thanks to Brite Services and new opportunities are becoming available every day.

Nick (an ex-BCT employee) commented “I am pleased with the service i have received from Brite services. After being suddenly made redundant i called into my local office on the off chance that someone would be able to assist me. Within a few days they had found a position for me with a company in Paignton.”


Nick continued “Brite services have continued to be in contact with me on a regular basis, checking on my progress and well being. Should any problems arise I know that they are only a phone call away.”

BCT became the largest manufacturer of tiles in the UK in 2011 but had a long history before that. It evolved from Candy Tiles and tiles had been made on the site for over 150 years, making use of the fine resource of ball clays which come from the nearby Bovey Basin. The end of BCT was a severe knock for the local economy. However a positive story can come from a negative as the BCT staff find opportunities at other growing South Devon Businesses.

Ben continued “We have a number of clients who are crying out for good quality staff, so the availability of high calibre BCT team members lead to opportunities for some other local firms.”

So, although the collapse of BCT is lamentable, Brite Services are finding ways to turn this negative into a positive story.